Day 5: We’re not a one-trip-pony

Here at Immanuel we’ve established a sort of trend; we stay up late and get up early. While sleep deprivation could provide a hindrance to our social functioning, it’s this very social context that has us up late. This group is growing closer and closer each day, and it’s pretty exciting to be part of this.

As introductions go, this is Steve Coupland, a rookie member of SOS Canada. I’m a 26 year old Tyndale student and pastoral intern at Wellspring Worship Centre. Having been given the idea of SOS Canada at camp Mishewah, the Spirit led me to join this trip and I’m super glad to be here.

I digress.

It’s the end of day five and life has been full and fulfilling. However the hustle and bustle of teaching english, painting projects, a visit to a local orphanage, and several hockey games has not masked or hidden the work of God in this place and in this country.

Hearts are breaking and our team has expressed so many ways that God is showing them His redemptive love. A spirit of prayer has developed among us, and we’re upholding each other in daily prayer. Thoughts give way to tears, and yet this only gathers us closer together. The heartbeats of eighteen have quickly synced into the beating drum of one, and it is one after God’s own heart.

The parable of Matthew 13 (parable of the sower) reminds us that there are successful ways to evangelize. This trip (and those that have come before) has acted in seed-planting and soil developing, and yet this year many of us are realizing that our job is to continue to plant seeds and develop soil, but it is also to trim the thorns and prune the branches. Continuity is at the heart of this ministry. Familiar faces are different, for they now accept that we’re not a one-trip-pony; we’re here to shine the love of Jesus and we’re doing our best to show them how much we love this place, this country, and our God.

I think the only drawback is that we’re not winning hockey games. We’re 0-3 in our three games played (though all of them are tight games), but it may in fact be a good thing that we’re not cleaning up over here. After the heartfelt testimony of one of our guys (A. Collins…no, that’s too obvious…Adam C.) wherein he spoke of not needing the validation of winning hockey games, for he finds his validation and purpose in God, it is fitting that we as a team are not needing to win. Perhaps our message will be well received if we’re humble and happy losers.

So, keep us in your prayers. God is working and we’re stoked to see what He’s going to do next.


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