Early Reflection

As I sit here in my living room in Canada, home safe from a great 11 days of ministry in the Czech Republic, there are a few things running through my mind.  As jet lag sets in and the business of life picks back up, it’s often hard to hold on to the memories of such a whirlwind of a week abroad.  I woke up this morning to the sound of the wind on my window… eerily similar to the day we left, prompting me to wonder if this was all a dream.  Were we actually there?

It was a tough trip in many ways.  It was physically demanding, with a number of very long days and little rest.  It was mentally exhausting with many long stretches of ESL class converastions 1:1, talking about pets and hobbies.  It was difficult to lose all 4 hockey games.  Those 3 things were still fun at times and quite enjoyable most of the time. However, it was heartbreaking in many ways.  It is tough to witness a country in such a dark spiritual state, with very little hope.  It is difficult to see a church, so very small, with magnified problems clouding it’s vision for the lost.  It was hard seeing friends heartbroken still from last year’s hardships.  In these situations, we went to offer hope.  A light, however dim at the moment, in the darkness.

It is always tough to tell if we have accomplished anything more than painting a few rooms and meeting new people.  Our work in CZ is not a quantifiable thing, though.  To the cynic, it may seem mostly worthless, but we trust that God is in control and that he can use us.  We trust that God will use our sacrifices of energy, time and skill to glorify Himself in CZ.  We didn’t win any games, but our testimonies and joy despite losing speak louder than any victory.  The language barrier may have been difficult, but relationships were formed and grown.  No one gave their heart to Christ while we were there, but our example as the living Body of Christ shone brightly in a land where that is rare.  We don’t know exactly what our impact was or will be, but we do know this: God can use the most feeble sacrifice to make a world of difference for His glory.

So we pray.  We pray that God gets ahold of the hearts and lives of those we now know and love in CZ.  We pray that the Church in Hlinsko would come together and live and breathe God’s vision and heart for His children in CZ.  We pray that God will be a Father to the fatherless and bring hope to a broken nation.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers.  Please continue to pray.

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