Rookie Reflections – Julia

Well, it is the end of another busy day.  It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the midpoint of our week.  Being a newbie this year I am grateful that our team is getting along very well.  I am also amazed at how smoothly everything has been running.  We have not had many difficulties at all since arriving.  Praise God for working out all the details 🙂

My favourite part about today was being able to interact more with the kids who are staying at the ICC with us.  Yesterday was full of activities, but today, with a little more time (and despite the huge language barrier), we were able to communicate better with many actions accompanying our broken Czech-lish.  In the evening Dan pulled out his guitar and we sang some songs (mostly in English, with some Czech), including everything from Hillsong to Justin Bieber.  It did get pretty silly after a while, but we all had a great time.  I love these opportunities because even when we can’t clearly verbally communicate, laughter brings us together.

During our morning session I had the opportunity to share about some of the transformations God has been doing in my life.  Speaking with a translator was a new experience, but I really enjoy being surrounded by another language.  It causes me to listen more and speak less . . . always a good practice.

For me, not having played much hockey prior to this, the games have actually been quite enjoyable!  They are at a good pace, and our team has played two great games so far with two more to go.  We definitely appreciate the cheering squad 🙂

I am so happy to be on this trip and am excitedly looking forward to our next few days, hopefully including another 20-person game of ping pong.



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