It’s already Friday!?!?

This week has flown by and I can’t believe it.

The camp has been so cool and the kids have been a huge blessing to me.  It is great to be able to be around youth again and to not feel panicky or anxious all the time.  Today I learned some sick new dance moves from one of the youth named Patrick.  He is studying dance in Prague and decided to run a workshop for the camp.  It was hilarious.  I also have to add that I received many compliments from people about how quickly I was able to pick up the dance moves.  Even though there is a language barrier it has been awesome just spending time with the kids and loving them.  There have been a lot of laughs and some interesting conversations when a translator has a enough time to sit down with us.  It has been really busy and it feels like it has been go go go…

Tonight we played a game against the Skulls.  This is a team that we have played every year and on my first trip, I shared my testimony with them.  Tonight, I shared it again but only shared about the last 6 months of Melinda’s (my wife) and my lives.  They have been crazy to say the least.  God has been at work and has performed some incredible miracles.  I am not going to say all the details but we are having a baby and the doctors did not think Melinda was going to be able to get pregnant.  That’s amazing!  God is good and I had often forgotten that, especially since I had such a rough patch just before the trip.

I am already missing the “Prayer and Share” times with the team before we head off to bed.  I find these times incredible, uplifting, sometimes frustrating but more often than not, fruitful.  We are open and honest with one another and really have a sense of community.  It is great but every year I feel sad about having to have to give that up at the end of the trip.  Before I know it I will be on a plane anticipating seeing my wife at the airport.  But until then there is still a lot of work to do here.  God is moving in the Czech Republic and I am so honoured and blessed to have been able to experience a small part of it.

Dobrou noc.


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