Tomorrow…Praha. Things are a changin’.

I can’t believe our time in Hlinsko/Dlouhy has come to an end yet again.  It just feels like yesterday that we arrived and were picked up at the airport by Filip (aka Tulip), Vojta and Nela.  Man, time has flown.  It has truly been an amazing week.  The kids camp was great and we built some really cool relationships with new kids.  Not a moment of the day went by where there was not a kid hanging off of you or hanging onto your every word.  Seeing the youth in Hlinsko was amazing especially since I have seen many of them grow up from wee kids.  Some of them are already in University and more will be heading there next year.  It is hard to think about this place without the youth.  Not only are the youth growing up and moving forward with their lives but the Dahlbergs will also be moving to Sweden to take on a similar role there that they had here.  Wow…talk about change.  I don’t really like change.

Speaking of things changing, two things that haven’t changed is that Canada has retained the gold medals in men’s and women’s hockey!!!  Booyah.  Just thought I would throw that in there.

As I look back on the week, I am saddened to be leaving but also excited about going home and seeing my beautiful wife.  Soon we will be having our first child and I cannot be more thrilled.  I really wish she was here with me and many of the youth, missionaries and friends from years past really missed seeing her smiling face.  Who knows about next year at this point. How feasible will it be for us to travel with a 9 month old?  Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about that now.

The hockey was a blast and we went 3-1.  My D partner, Bernie, was amazing and showed a lot of confidence for never playing hockey before.  The testimonies that were shared were genuine and thoughtful.  Seeing the familiar faces was a blessing and encouragement.  What an awesome way to share the gospel.  Wow.  I’m humbled in this moment.  God has used the game of hockey as a conduit to glorify himself.  If the rocks cry out, I guess the pucks do as well.  😉

But alas, tomorrow we head to Prague and begin our journey home.  First though, we do some sightseeing.  I am excited about being able to relax for the first time this week and just read a book in one of the open cafes or pubs in Prague.  Maybe buy a souvenir or two as well.  I’m really going to miss this team and this place.  It just seems to get harder and harder to leave each year.  Sigh.  Bittersweet is probably the best way to sum up how I feel at the moment.  Anyways, time to get packed and head to dinner.

Na shledanou!


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